Event Flier: Women Caring for the Land

Targeting specific audiences is a great example of using framing to reach new audiences. Women landowners are typically an underserved demographic that may find comfort in being in like-minded groups … Continue reading

Motivations First

Effective communication begins with understanding your intended audience. In persuasive communications, the next step is to understand what motivates people to take the actions we are promoting. In this short … Continue reading

Planning for Outcomes

Effective outreach begins with planning. Your farmer engagement activities—field days, winter workshops, newsletters, social media posts—should all be designed strategically to accomplish your conservation goals. It is important to keep … Continue reading

Social Media Planning

After determining your communication plan, it is time to create your social media plan and start pushing content! During your brainstorming process, you want to keep in mind the different … Continue reading

Practice Characteristics

A wide range of factors can influence a farmer or landowners’ decision to adopt a new practice, but perhaps among the most important are the perceptions and attitudes people hold … Continue reading

Communication Design

After determining your audience and planning your schedule, it’s time to design! Design is where you get to let your organization’s personality shine. Posts and their designs should fit into … Continue reading

Communication Pathways

Figuring out where your audience is and what messages resonate the most with them is a key component of our training. Determining the platforms that your audiences use the most … Continue reading

Conservation Decision Support Tools

Implementing conservation practices can be a complicated process, requiring access to numerous types of information to make the best decisions in a given production system. Numerous decision support tools exist … Continue reading

Outreach and Communication Resources

Finding high quality conservation images, infographics, or figures can be a challenge. Many of these resources exist (see the Outreach Examples page for many of these!), but locating them can … Continue reading

Event Flier: Let’s Talk Weather

Weather and climate can be tricky topics to broach based on varying opinions and ideas of what extreme weather actually is. Hosting a listening session is a great way to … Continue reading

Theory of Planned Behavior

Information alone is often not enough to influence a behavior change. Understanding how people actually make decisions is crucial for developing the right message to engage and influence your intended … Continue reading

Diffusion of Innovations

The Diffusion of Innovations model provides a visual understanding of how new ideas, technologies, or in our case, conservation agriculture practices, spread through a population. It also helps us segment … Continue reading

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