Evaluation Idea: Exit Tickets

Keeping event evaluations short is often a successful strategy in getting audiences to complete them. Providing an incentive to complete them is another good strategy. Exit tickets tick both of … Continue reading

The Roots: Women Food and Ag Network

Effective outreach begins with being able to tell your “why”. This could include your reasons for conservation specifically, or for farming in general. This video describes how Women Food and … Continue reading

Outreach Example: Supper and Soil

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Outreach Example: Farming for the Bottom Line

Farming is complex profession; farmers are important stewards of their land, and often have multi-generational ties to their land. At the end of the day, though, farms are businesses and … Continue reading

Outreach Example: Cultivating Soil Health

Soil health can be a powerful motivation for adopting new practices. Healthy soils have numerous benefits, both for the environment and the farmer. This example from Minnesota uses the soil … Continue reading

Evaluation Example: Plus/Delta

Sometimes you may just need some quick feedback about the positive and negative impressions of your events. If you only need some basic feedback from your audience, you may want … Continue reading

Using Interviews to Evaluate Outreach Programming

There are many ways to evaluate conservation outreach efforts. Most often, people lean toward things they can measure with numbers: how many people attended events, social media engagement, or how … Continue reading

SMART Planning: Designing Effective Outcomes

To be truly effective planning tools, your goals and desired outcomes need to be focused and measurable, so you can determine whether you are actually achieving them or not. The … Continue reading

Messaging for Conservation Events

Planning conservation outreach events requires not only thinking about logistics (demonstrations, presentations, food, etc.) but also the speakers and communication frames we are going to incorporate. This worksheet can be … Continue reading

Logic Models: Situational Analysis

T o effectively plan and implement conservation outreach efforts, it is important to have a clear understanding of the problem we are trying to address. Clearly identifying the problem and … Continue reading

Framing Conservation Events

Framing is among the most powerful communication tools available to us. Framing refers to the concepts and ideas we use to present a topic. Frames help to bring certain emotions, … Continue reading

Establishing Outreach Goals and Objectives

Impacts This is the change in the world you are trying to achieve with your outreach efforts. What do you want agriculture in your area to look like in 5-10 … Continue reading

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