Event Flier: Women Caring for the Land

Targeting specific audiences is a great example of using framing to reach new audiences. Women landowners are typically an underserved demographic that may find comfort in being in like-minded groups … Continue reading

Event Flier: Let’s Talk Weather

Weather and climate can be tricky topics to broach based on varying opinions and ideas of what extreme weather actually is. Hosting a listening session is a great way to … Continue reading

Event Flier: New Ways and New Challenges

Risk management can be one of the harder events to draw in new audiences. This example from Between the Lakes Demonstration Farm Network highlights the idea of equipping farmers with … Continue reading

Event Flier: Supper and Soil

We love using food as a way to draw people in! This event does that by including “supper” in the title. The event is family-friendly, featuring a bbq dinner, soil … Continue reading

Event Flier: Farming for the Bottom Line

Farming is complex profession; farmers are important stewards of their land, and often have multi-generational ties to their land. At the end of the day, though, farms are businesses and … Continue reading

Event Flier: Cultivating Soil Health

Soil health can be a powerful motivation for adopting new practices. Healthy soils have numerous benefits, both for the environment and the farmer. This example from Minnesota uses the soil … Continue reading