Keeping event evaluations short is often a successful strategy in getting audiences to complete them. Providing an incentive to complete them is another good strategy. Exit tickets tick both of those boxes. These are short, often half or partial sheets of paper that include only a few questions. These are often used as a “ticket” to receive something, whether it is a giveaway or a meal. You can give these to event attendees with a few minutes to jot down their thoughts, and in exchange they get the goody you are providing. Everyone wins!

This template provides a few suggestions on how to format these exit tickets. The questions you include are up to you. Think of the one to three pieces of information you most want to learn from you attendees and include only these in your exit tickets. Feel free to use these ideas, or make your own based on them.

Download: Exit ticket formats
Adam Reimer • January 31, 2023