Evaluation Idea: Exit Tickets

Keeping event evaluations short is often a successful strategy in getting audiences to complete them. Providing an incentive to complete them is another good strategy. Exit tickets tick both of … Continue reading

Evaluation Example: Plus/Delta

Sometimes you may just need some quick feedback about the positive and negative impressions of your events. If you only need some basic feedback from your audience, you may want … Continue reading

Using Interviews to Evaluate Outreach Programming

There are many ways to evaluate conservation outreach efforts. Most often, people lean toward things they can measure with numbers: how many people attended events, social media engagement, or how … Continue reading

Survey Types

Types of Evaluation Surveys There are several different approaches you can take when conducting evaluation surveys. Choosing the right ones for your programming requires a careful assessment of your programming … Continue reading

Farmers inspecting field planted with cover crops

Survey Elements

This page provides some basic guidance on what sections you might want to consider when creating an evaluation survey. The goal for these surveys is to collect the most relevant … Continue reading