Effective outreach begins with being able to tell your “why”. This could include your reasons for conservation specifically, or for farming in general.

Women Food & Ag Network’s (WFAN) Stewardship Ambassadors Program supports women landowners in their efforts to promote sustainable agriculture on their land in in their communities. This initiative builds on several years of partnership and involvement with National Wildlife Federations Conservation Champions program. This story features Chris Henning, a landowner in Greene Co, Iowa who manages her farm through a cost share agreement with her tenant operator. Listen to Chris explain the value of working closely with tenants, her lessons learned through the Champions and Ambassador’s programs, and why she manages her farm the way she does. You’ll also hear from Jean Eells, a founder of the Ambassador’s program, and Wren Almitra from WFAN, on the importance of tapping into two overlapping, underrepresented, and potentially highly influential groups in the conservation advocacy field: non-operating landowners and women in agriculture.

Featuring Chris Henning, Jean Eells, and Wren Almitra.

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Adam Reimer • January 31, 2023