Sharing the numerous benefits of cover crops isn’t always enough. By framing a practice as a solution to a specific operational or resource problem your audience has, you can provide a more powerful motivation to make a change. In this video, the Kankakee County Soil and Water Conservation District in Illinois explains their approach to holding successful soil health events based around solving problems that growers in their area face. Jeff O’ Connor, a Kankakee Co farmer, shares specific stories of how cover crops have solved weather related challenges on his operation. He also touches on the importance of starting with the “Why?” and listening to your audience’s motivations. Matt Raymond with the SWCD gives tips for holding events and incorporating audience feedback to learn what matters most to producers.

Featuring Jeff O’Connor and Matthew Raymond

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National Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Champions
Kankakee County SWCD

Luke Petersen • February 7, 2023